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Learning from the Mo’edim – Yom Teruah 2017

This year we still found ourselves a bit out of sorts with this holiday. For some reason I have a weird time with this as we simply just have a Sabbath, and blow trumpets. Not sure the connections to anything. It seems like this holiday hangs out there without any context.

That may be the point…

This holiday is about watching and waiting to me. I never know truly when it will be, and this year several things businesswise are hanging on my availability and schedule for the subsequent weeks. I sit in orbit, waiting for the update from Israel (we follow the sighting confirmed in Israel of the new moon) and then shut down.

This year it was Friday, so we had a double shabbat. And this means Sukkot is a double shabbat. Party time…

With Trumpets, after you engage it, it just kind of sits there, waiting. Kind of like “we blew the trumpets, we shouted, and we celebrate…. no what?” almost like now we wait again…

I see the connections with the 10 days between Teruah and Kippur(im). I see the tradition of self reflection etc… but nothing in scripture is directing that. Great idea, worth looking at… but what is Yah desiring? Is it just make noise, dont work, celebrate? Fine by me… but I cannot help but think not only am I missing something, but some of the vagueness or lack of structure or instruction is part of it. It is meant to keep me a bit off my game, a little out of routine. It opens up the fall feasts, and indicates something is coming. Sit up and listen and think. Watch out for something. A great interruption.


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Learning from the Mo’edim – Shavuot 2016

This post builds on the basic assumptions listed in Learning from the Mo’edim

Shavuot 2016

I dont post very much as Im so busy and honestly dont have energy and focus to sit down and write stuff out. I just happened to go back through some posts, noticed gobs of spelling errors and was correcting them, and read through last years Learning from the Mo’edim. It reminded me that I hadn’t written down things from this years Pesach or Shavuot.

I cannot recall much of Pesach. I don’t know why! I believe we had a family come over, eat some food and discuss the holiday. And we read through the Exodus together and discussed it. We have an age range of 4 to 8, and lots of interesting questions. I am always reminded of how much deeper I need to dig into these things and prepare.

Shavuot is a whole other challenge for me. 2016 had a bunch of discussions and differing opinions about timing of Pesach. Pesach (Passover) begins the calendar. There are so many ways different folks work around the start of the new year. I see the idea of barley being mature in the field as the indicator that the new year is able to start as the most simple and direct way presented in scripture so far. This is key as it starts the chain of events and dates that set the rest of the year timetable for holidays.

Once we hit Shavuot, I realized that I had made a serious mistake. We had planned a family trip to Alaska. We had to plan this way in advance, and I didnt realize that an appointed time occurred right in the middle of it. This isnt necessarily a problem.  I dont see where Shavuot is a Sabbath, but I might be confused or missing something. But by being on a trip, away from home, with my wonderful extended family who dont remotely care about this stuff threw me off. Combined with the last minute realization of it, I simply didnt give it the attention it deserved.

However, some interesting and redemptive things have occurred. Prior to the holiday, I began to really think about the classic role and reference to “the/The spirit/Spirit”. All the combinations. My background in christian culture, especially charismatic expression has resulted in a whole bunch of presuppositions and biases. There is a whole bunch of things Im unlearning, and it turns out this whole concept is under serious revision.

Oddly, I have come across lots of teaching resources about this very topic. I didnt go searching for it but I came across these resources seemingly accidentally. This has been encouraging that perhaps Im getting divinely guided.

The main ideas that seem to be working themselves out:

  1. The concept of Pentecost in christian context is related to the “giving” of “The Spirit”. This really seems to be plain wrong. There are plenty of references to the spirit of Yah being present from the creation forward. There is nothing new about the working of the Spirit of Yah in human history. What seems to be the new part is the idea of being IMMERSED, or BAPTIZED in the Spirit. I interpret this (so far in my limited understanding) as a quantitative idea. There is an intensification of the work and activity.
  2. The nature and identity of The Spirit is really changing in my mind. The best concept I have heard that seems to connect the dots of scripture for me is an interesting one. The idea of a distilled essence of something. It flies in the face of the classic trinitarian interpretation. The Spirit not being a “person” as much as the deep, distilled essence of Yehovah. This also resonates with a previous mental wrestling match.
  3. Yeshua now seems to embody the Spirit with skin. It is more and more to me that Yeshua IS the Salvation of Yahweh. The Strong Right Arm. And the practical mechanics to me is a picture of the distilled essence of Yah ut into a body with skin. Even the literal teaching of Yeshua brings the distilled essence of Torah to reality. The Sermon on the Mount, where Yeshua talks about the idea of not just murdering someone, but not hating them. The revealing of the distilled essence of the commandments comes out of the mouth of Yeshua, and Yeshua expects disciples who choose to submit to this same Spirit.

Im still in the weeds with these ideas. It is always a trap to listen to someone teach something, and then run with it. Im looking to take the ideas presented and then study and prove it with scripture. The next step is how to practically respond and adapt to the idea. What is Yah expecting of me? How do I agree with this and engage it?


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A Word about Time

The title is a play on an earlier post  and Im being intentional about implying a connection with the concept of time and the Word of Yah…

In modern experience, time is something so simplistic and taken for granted. We have dozens of devices that are constantly interconnected and so accurate its hard to imagine how difficult it was for someone even 100 years ago trying to coordinate something that relies on a time reference from more than one clock.  Clocks in different cities were not always coordinated by any objective standard. The accuracy of clocks were themselves a problem, and the corrections to a clock were serious endeavors.

Why is this problem?

As far as I can tell, there are 2 significant issues at hand:

1. Modern, post Industrial Revolution society has resulted in a lifestyle that is so active and dense that life is broken down to ever decreasing slivers of time. The need for accuracy down to hours and minutes (let alone even further) required a shift in thinking.

In history, a central clock (a bell tower, town crier etc…) could adjust and it only changed the experience of the local populous. And when the activities of a common person were agricultural, sunrise and sunset were a self correcting mechanism objective to the clock itself.  If a commitment were made to see someone tomorrow “early” or “first thing” it wasnt a specific hour, but clearly related to sunrise. 10 minutes or even 60 wouldnt be all that perceptible, as the indicator would be light or no light.

With the advent of indoor lighting on demand (electricity) night is like day. People could work longer. Sunset or Sunrise is irrelevant. As this becomes a societal standard, it is the norm or reference. The reality of needing to coordinate timing on things to much greater precision because external reference wasnt precise enough emerged in general behavior.

In modern experience, navigation itself requires sub second precision, and communications rely on much smaller slices of time to triangulate and coordinate communication with satellites. Standards of distance rely on time. A Meter is defined as “the length of the path traveled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/299,792,458 of a second”.

To summarize, modern man created a need for ever increasing precision and took advantage of that precision to produce (and therefore consume) more and more.  It has gotten so common almost no one even wonders seriously if it is a good thing. To even consider this is to be thought (at best) a Luddite, or at worst, simply deranged.

The even bigger question lies underneath, and is nefarious…

2. A very significant aspect of a character in scripture revealed in the book of Daniel explains that this person, so full of evil as to be understood as given over to Satan, desires to control the times.

Dan 7:25 NKJV – He shall speak [pompous] words against the Most High, Shall persecute the saints of the Most High, And shall intend to change times and law. Then [the saints] shall be given into his hand For a time and times and half a time.

By changing times (and law/Torah), all things that rely on timing are redirected. Certainly, controlling the times makes one appear to be a God, and there is a clear desire for this in the passage. However, strategically speaking, redirecting anything associated with times results in anything related to timing to be missed or unfulfilled.

What if there are things that are tied to timing that ARE law/Torah? What if there are things that would direct our behaviors if they happened according to an expected time? What if we could expect Yahweh to be doing something at a specific time, and to prepare for it, yet not actually know what the time currently is?

It would be an effective strategy to derail a specific people if you could disconnect them from key events and timings commanded by their God to observe.

For incredibly intense, yet excellently presented breakdowns of “Hebraic” thought about understanding the Calendar, I recommend doing general searches on Google.

Michael Rood in conjunction with Nehemia Gordon has done a lot of work in determining calendars in modern time, and using technology to reverse calculate timing back throughout history. This has some radical ideas of specific days being targeted by Yahweh with critical actions that are very significant.

119 Ministries have done an in depth video series that will take a lot of time and patience to work through. It is best viewed after some basic research.