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Hominids vs Mankind

Following listening to a podcast by Nehemia Gordon called “Hebrew Voices” where Nehemia spoke with Dr Gerald Schroder I found myself ushered on to a wild ride I never saw coming. At this point (Nov 2016), I’m a few weeks in and my head is spinning with both the coherence I’m finding with Scripture,  answers to things I’ve wondered, and a rush of ideas about the possible implications.

I already have more than I can organize, write or communicate. I’m more about simply note taking and tracking ideas for now, but it is hard to shake that I’m hip deep into a fundamental shift in something fairly profound. While most things only appear significant in hindsight, at times we tend to get indicators while we are in it. This is on par with times previous

So if this “neshamah” is the difference, and Adam was already existing prior to the infusion of “the neshamah“, existence is not the same thing as “being alive”. Animals were existing, some possibly human like in form and function. But once Yah breathed the neshamah into a specific one, the bible begins the story and a separation occurs.

There is an idea about the breath of YHVH making Adam (mankind) a living soul. YHVH taking existing creatures and made them aware of Yah by this change. Dr. Gerald Schroder has written extensively about this. This has a basis within the idea of a long earth creation and guided evolution consistent with the fossil record and the idea of time being relative to the observer, as well as the creation account having 2 perspectives. Hominids were around, but until Yah breathed the unique “neshamah” into the Adamah, and then man(kind) became a “Living Soul” as opposed to the other hominids. And the Bible itself works from that reference point forward.

Using this idea as somewhat of a thought experiment, it leads to interesting insights.

When Cain was sent away, the people who would kill him could very well be other hominids, without the neshamah. The special mark could have been something to scare them away.

This is even more interesting when you think about the garden itself. Mankind was taken from where they were formed, and placed in a garden. The garden was not the place of physical formation. By all appearances, the garden environment was a school. The real original kinder garden.

In addition, if the above idea of parallel hominids is true, it was the first separation of Yah about the animals. The adamah became a “set apart”, or “holy” people. They were given a chance to develop and grow in relation to Yahweh, in a pristine environment. While we don’t know the goal in a direct sense, we can infer a lot about it.

Were Adam and Havah, and therefore Cain, Abel, and Seth interacting with these hominids? Were they exercising their leadership over them? Were they having sexual relations… i.e. marrying them? Were these hominids developing into the Nephilim via either literal supernatural guidance that was evil, or genetic selection into bigger and more violent beings?

Were angels or “watchers” the original caretakers of Earth and the natural world, and was Yah training up beings made in Yah’s own image in the “Kinder Garden” to eventually come forth and demonstrate and guide creation in Torah? Is the millennial reign simply a repeat wheel within a wheel of this pattern?

Nephesh vs Neshamah vs Ruach

Nephesh = Soul, but also desires, appetites, (Instincts?)

Yom Kippur – Nephesh

Ruach – breath, spirit


What about being “Naked”

Naked isn’t shameful…. it is a description of an ANE (Ancient Near East) perspective that describes the difference between animals, and even children and mature adults. It describes a qualitative difference between someone who is unaware of cultural norms. Yah NEVER describes nakedness itself as evil, but does instruct us to be covered and the scripture uses “uncovering the nakedness” is an idiomatic phrase meaning sexual intercourse. Priests are also not allowed to use steps so that their bodies would be exposed. This also probably happens to be something pagan religions would do, as an enticement to sexual immorality.


The Wheels Within Wheels . . .

  • Yah breathed into creation and expanded the initial singularity and started its expansion.
  • In the unimaginable size and amount of material in the creation, there is a specific galaxy set apart.
  • Within this galaxy, there is a solar system set apart.
  • Within the solar system (a billionth of a billionth) there is a specific planet uniquely balanced to support a whole biosystem like we experience now.
  • Within this biosystem, there is a set of hominids singled out from all the other animals
  • Yah breathed into this “Adamah” the neshamah  and Adamah became “Alive”
  • Within this species, eventually there emerges a specific group (nation) of them that become the focus of interaction with the Creator
  • Within this nation, there is a specific tribe (out of 12-13) that becomes the unique interactive group (Levites) for mediationa nd role modeling.
  • Within this specific tribe, there is a family that is the unique focus.
  • Within this family, there is a unique individual who typifies the responsibilities and activities.
  • Within the planet, there is a specific region (geographical) that is the focus.
  • Within this area, there is a specific location built to contain the interaction between the Creator and the Planet, through the special people.
  • Within this special location, there is multiple layers of exclusive interaction, eventually coming down to one human, in one unique spot, on one special day of the year.

The whole of scripture becomes focused on the Creator interacting with this part of a part of a part of the whole creation, primarily within the context of this special species filled with this special presence following patterns of ever more unique and individual elements.




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