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You look a little puffy lately…

Being Puffed Up looks like . . .

For me, Puffed up comes out as a critical, judgmental, aggressive positioning for me. In fact, years ago, I asked God why there wasn’t nearly as much incredible and life altering things coming to me. Im not saying Im some super profound individual. Far from it. But there are personal things that YHVH has shown me throughout the years that were RADICAL in their effect. Forcing me into repentance, giving me insight into my own difficulties, sometimes even seeing that play out in others. Occasionally I could speak into something from my own experience.

But Gods own answer was CLEAR. I can summarize it with the following:

“Well buddy, every time I share something with you, it takes YEARS for you to work through it and get to LOVING OTHERS with it instead of JUDGING OTHERS. The deeper the issue, the longer you take to get through it.

I’m not going to make you stumble and sin. So I’m only going as fast as you can learn to love”

I think it is possible that Im getting faster at the process, but remain agonizingly slow when I realize how Im behaving.

If you want more revelation and understanding, the character of God is critical. Not walking in the same Spirit that Yeshua did, essentially makes you (at best) immature and lacking, or (at worst) an importer. To go further, I HAVE seen people (very, very rarely) who are literally FALSE.

Make your choice.


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