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Genesis 2:7

Gen 2:7 NKJV – And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.


Yah formed man, and formed man from the dust (more on this later), and once Yah “breathed” into man, man became a living being.


Formed: Interesting that the form of the verb used here points to the start of something, not just the act of something. It is used when referring to man or God, and it also implies a plan, or to pre-ordain. Its more than just making an object, it is creating (not modifying) an object, and putting a plan together about it.

Dust: The dust here is literally the debris of the ground. It can also mean mortar or even ore.

Breathe: This is the blowing OUT. Small detail but clearly Yah doesn’t breathe. This was an action FROM Yah TO the man, carrying LIFE to it. Similar to the idea of light in previous verses. When Yah supervised the creation of light, there was no source (i.e. stars etc…) for a time. The light was coming FROM Yah TO the created thing until other light sources were generated.

The Breath of Life: Breath here is used 24 times in Hebrew, it isn’t a common term. It points to not just the air going in and out, but implies life, and spirit of man. Life, as an adjective is green, flowing, active, reviving. It isn’t Life in general, or some kind of idea, it is the aliveness of a thing.

Soul/Being:  I think there is far more to this than is easily understood, but important parts to put in context are this is describing more than just a being, this idea of living soul is something operating in life. Appetites, emotions, passions, activity, desire, passion. This didn’t exist until the breath of Yah came FROM Yah, and INTO mankind. Once there, it was seated in mankind.

We don’t see Yah breathing into animals. Perhaps Yah did, but it isn’t stated. Yet in reference later everything with the “breath of life” in it meant more than mankind. However we don’t see scripture explaining other parts of creation like this where God directly breathed into them

Remember Man here isn’t a MALE. It is Mankind. All of humanity. Without the breath of Yah, we aren’t a living Soul. Our ability to have emotion and desire and passion COMES from the breath of Yah. How we direct it, what we do with it etc… is our stewardship.

So therefore we realize Yah has desires, emotions, intention etc…  while it seems obvious, think about the implications. God has a motive, a desire, an “internal” feeling about what God does. That part of Yah was given to us, and animated us. It isn’t the desires themselves, but the ability to desire. It’s the framework of desire and passion and emotion. To disregard this, objectify it, or attempt to remove it (i.e. pursuing  something like Zen, or disconnecting) is actually anti-God. Its as dangerous and wrong to try and reject these things as it is to use them in a wrong context.

One of my favorite examples of this is people who come out of an addiction. Sexual addiction or disordered sexual behavior is very overwhelming. The desire is to simply have it removed, because trying to organize or direct something that is so powerful, yet shattered or twisted, can feel like way too much. However the real intent of Yah isnt to have no sexual desire or intention. It is to HAVE it, and for it to be experienced in a healthy context.

Leanne Payne details this in one of her books. Praying for someone coming out of unwanted same sex attraction, the temptation of the individual is to simply not deal with sexual desire at all. But the real preayer is for it to be bounded and directed into appropriate things until it can have its full, real, authentic expression. Thsi requires far more, yet is more consistent with what Yah did when Yah breathed into mankind and gave them life.


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