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Evolution of Sabbath Pt 3.0


The 7th day of Creation was the first instance where the Creator God sets a boundary for Creation itself. Not just matter and energy, but time was created. There is only so much matter, so much energy, and there is truly only so much TIME.

At some point, the “common” stops. And the Holy begins.

In scripture we see this in several shadows, but clearly the one most anticipated by scripture itself is the Millennial Reign of Messiah.

The literal, physical rulership means:

  • Peace, total elimination of war. No fighting for safety.
  • Supply, total needs are met
  • Wholeness, total healing of soul

and so much more. With this reality there is a clear change in our role. We aren’t doing anything for ourselves. There is a rest to almost everything we currently experience. Is as if all our experience wont correlate because we have NEVER experienced life with true rest.

Perhaps it is even reasonable to say it takes a new mind and a new body to even experience Rest. It is actually foreign, because part of the curse for mankind was struggle.

Sabbath is where you have no LABOR. Your work is no longer a valid part of the time period. It has no place, nowhere to exist.


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