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Gen 2:1-3

Gen 2:1 NKJV – Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished.
Gen 2:2 NKJV – And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.
Gen 2:3 NKJV – Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.

These statements connect the previous verses and complete them. It’s important for us to remember verses and chapters don’t exist in the original manuscripts. It’s a simple reference technique, and makes it convenient for us.

This is defining the reality that the work of creation itself, is done. In one real sense, this could very directly mean that EVERYTHING is done. It is just now working itself out. We are experiencing what was created, and Yahoveh is arranging the things created to fulfill God’s own person. Nothing is going to be created from this point forward, we are working within the context of all that is.

Another piece of this important for us to remember is at the very least Yahweh, as well as any other beings previously existent, are OUTSIDE of creation in a very real sense. Where, how, when etc… aren’t clear, but at the very least God is separate from this creation, made it all, and finished it.

Ive talked in other posts about the seventh day, and there is a LOT to say about this. However in this study Im trying to come to understanding as we go, trying to image what is happening WITHOUT other knowledge or things to come later. SO lets take this element in chronological revealing

This 7th cycleof a “day”, the work is ended. It would be ended therefor by the end of the light on day 6, as this starts the next day. And God ended Gods work on this day, and rested. To rest in this case is the word shavath, meaning rest but not like a nap. Cease, Rest, Sit or Sit Still.

And this day is special to God as God literally blesses this day and sets it apart from the others. We don’t know HOW God did this, perhaps it is inherently blessed by doing something different, but clearly it is God who is initiating the blessing and the setting apart of it.

So not only is the work done, it ceases on Gods end. And that makes this something set apart, holy. It is a blessed day in history, and it relates to the “action” or ceasing or resting from the work of making creation.


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