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Evolution of Sabbath Pt 2.9

Sabbath as Type

Sabbath is more than just an instruction, a command, a sign or a requirement. Each of these pieces is the result of an action, but the concept of Sabbath itself points to something more than itself, and beyond itself.

Sabbath is used as a type describing Salvation. Salvation is itself a transformation of ourselves into something literally set apart.  Sabbath is a constant rehearsal of taking something common and setting it apart (making it holy…)

Sabbath is rest, both Creator God resting, and us aligning ourselves with our God. When God finishes the work, and ends the phase of creation we experience, those of us who come along will be resting from our piece as well.

Sabbath is a type of holiness. It is the essence for being set apart by Grace. There is nothing itself that makes the 7th Day holy. It is by Yahwehs election that it is MADE holy. By repeatedly exercising that Grace, we are agreeing and manifesting the reality the what Yahweh chooses to make holy, IS holy.

There is also the idea of 6 millennia, and 6 is associated with humanity. The 7th millennium can be understood in light of Yahwehs era.. We have seen the best humans can do, it is now the season of the Creator itself.

One thing I see is that so often this is conceived as the literal physical reign on Yeshua on Earth. I do think that is the “7th” cycle of creation. In a very direct way we see this as a rest in that the land and the people are located and defended by the keeper of the covenant. Yet there is every indication that even this is actually bounded.

We see in essence the 7th day  sets the stage for the NEW thing.


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