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Gen 1:27

Gen 1:27 ESV – So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Biological Polarity vs Gender vs Sex

There is far more to this idea than could ever be explained here, but it needs to be summarily explained to at least bring into focus many errors from this simple mistake.

Biological Polarity: At this point, there is NO polarity (opposites) of humanity, at least in the simple and direct language of the scripture. There is only 1 individual animal in this case in its simplest and direct reading. We see later that female was separated from this creature, so in this case there is only 1 creature. The biological polarity of male and female exist in one localized creature and all interactions apply to both. At some point female as a biological polar opposite comes out of this creature, and the remaining creature becomes male.

Gender: Gender is the characteristics of the biological polarity. Terms like “Masculine” and “Feminine” are the language concepts attempting to communicate Gender. Gender is not polar as much as it is characteristic. Things are more “masculine” than “feminine” or vice versa.

The concept of something being masculine rests on its integrity and ability to communicate the biological polarity.  A classic dilemma is the assignment of behaviors of a person with Gender. Is it really more “masculine” to enjoy 1 behavior than another? Building and making things, competition, nurture all have masculine and feminine examples. It seems that competitive sports are masculine, yet the experience of competition is very common in a feminine milieu when presented as women competing with each other based on appearance/attractiveness.  Change the context (but not the literal motive for understanding ones position relative to someone else) and something appears to be gender.

Sex: Sex isn’t meaning sexual behavior, but the idea of male or female. A Male human has a different function and experience than a Female. And the primary expression of a Male is “Masculine” gender characteristics. For the Female, it is a primary expression of “Feminine” gender character. The sex of an individual is polar, yet the experience in any given situation, as well as motives and results can appear to be almost a relative continuum of Gender.

For example, men nurture. Classically, men have been shepherds in antiquity. Shepherds can be perceived in many ways, yet no one would dispute that real shepherds have an element of nurture that is intrinsic to the term.

Women initiate and administrate as well as rule in a real sense. Again, classically, women that are wives and mothers have been expressed as those who govern the “house” or the home in many societies. It is obvious when seeing real examples of this, the same elements of mastery, decisiveness, and directive communication one would see in many other spheres of rulership and leadership are present.

To be brief (and blunt) Man is Mankind, not Male. Male isn’t Female, nor Female, Male. But neither operate without each other, and each can express elements, and will typically do so with a gender orientation that follows Masculinity/Male and Femininity/Female. Neither is superior or inferior to the other, they are from the SAME creation/creature.

There is NO INTRINSIC VALUE ASSOCIATED WITH ETHER AGAINST THE OTHER IN SCRIPTURE. To believe this, propose it, or even consider it a real idea is to fall into serious error, one I feel is literally the genesis of satanic/evil agenda.

The fundamental reason for this, is this single creature, humankind, was made in Yahwehs Image. The later division into polarity of biological roles happens after the creation and directives given by Yah.

We don’t truly know what this image is. We know it is in Gods image, yet nothing is described. However this creature is the ONLY one mentioned bearing this image. Something in unique and special about this creature, and its main creative matrix is imagery of Divine. 


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