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I just use the word because it is cool, but it also really does fit. Lets stop and ponder what we have been shown, and some of the possible inferences we can draw (many people can drawn far more Im just speaking from my vantage point)

Yahweh created everything, but we dont actually know when the Earth was created.  Darkness was the characteristic state of things at least from the Earth perspective. The Earth itself at the beginning was formless and void, empty and chaotic. The work was in darkness, at least not in visible light.

Yah created the framework of time, physics and chemistry required to initiate energy and matter, and then created it if it wasnt already in place and just literally dark and empty.  There is mention of days, btuthere is no indication that the sun is created, ans things are dark. Im assuming Yah turned light on and off until the sun and starts were made and the Earth was rotating.

The Earth in its initial forms is describes as water, and chaotic, even confused. However there was a separation of “waters” making at best guess atmosphere.  Pressure and density separate “outer” space from “inner” space.  This can indicate rotation and centrifugal force making less dense matter move farther away from the earth.

Then the waters under the atmosphere were separated with part below land, and part above. The land appeared above the surface and water receded. According to some theories either the land was all one continent (Pangea) or it was fairly similar to now, but the water was much lower with land bridges between what we know as continents now.

Then Yah put in place light sources (if they were not already present in the earlier verses), and the light sources govern timing of events that later become critical to signs of Yahs work, as well as a calendar that governs the people Yah calls out…

We have the framework for Yahs creativity to go forward.  We have physics, chemistry, and rules. We have energy, time, space. We have mass and interactions of energy and mass.  We have a rhythm to things that are oriented around Sun, Moon and Stars, which are visible and direct.

As we go forward we have a foundation to things that provide for and govern interactions. Its a true person (God/Yahweh) who initiated all this, and did this via mechanisms that arent totally explained, but infer many creative and sophisticated things that get expanded on later in scripture.

There are many things we find out later the expand on and interact with this, but at this point, this is all we know.


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