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Gen 1:4

Gen 1:4 ESV – And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness.

3 main things here obviously, Yahweh determined that light was good, after Yah “saw” it, and then created a separation of light and non light.

Saw: This word is in the Qal form, so the definition seems to be very direct. One interesting translation would be gaze. Yahweh gazed at the light and enjoyed it. Another form of saw is to appear or present ones self, or to be exhibited to. If the form of this word was slightly different (I don’t know how to see if other texts do this) then it could be that light was created and presented to Yahweh for evaluation.

Yahweh vs Elohim?

What would Yah have to see or determine about something Yah made? Yahweh already would know what it was and what it was for. Is there any possibility that in the previous verse, Yahweh delegated parts of creation to beings, and then they were presented to Yahweh, or Yahweh went and inspected them and delighted in them? What an amazing thought. The word for God is Elohim still, and this implies plurality (NOT that Yahweh isn’t the uncreated one!).

Is it possible a Divine Council created the universe and had different roles and brought different pieces of creation into existence from Yahweh’s substance and then collaborated on how it operated? What a weird and wild thought. Was all created order already co-creating with Yahweh (with the Memra as coregent supervising and regulating it?).

Separating Light from Darkness is weird in thought. Clearly when there is darkness there is absence of light, but when there is light, there is no darkness. Unless light and darkness here have different meanings and applications, which seems impossible to determine. So light was created, but was able to be turned on or off. It wasn’t as if light was created and flying around creation. The ability to have light was also created, and it could be regulated and started and stopped. It was almost as if it were a separate state of things.

If you were a bee and could see all parts of the EMR spectrum, visible light is just a set of frequencies. It isn’t “different” or “separated” per se, it is just like talking about green vs blue. It is different in one sense, but in another it is literally just waves at a higher operational frequency (wavelength).

So darkness here has to be more than just visible light in my opinion. Z=rays and Gamma rays are flowing around all the time but you don’t see them. To literally separate them, you either narrow the receptor to only see a part, or you turn on and off the source of EMR.


Another interesting thing to me is that this is the first instance of polarity. Darkness or Light. They are separate, and they cannot co-exists. Later in scripture, darkness is used either about Yahweh and the cloud surrounding Yah, or it is what surrounds disobedience and sin. Light is Truth and Freedom and Deliverance. You cannot have both, you will either have one or the other. Perhaps this is the first hint that there are 2 “states” of things. Darkness is the state of un-creation, disorder (as we saw without form) and Light is an active and intentional action (a field acting upon another field and transferring energy riding along waves).

Does it matter? I don’t know, it is just interesting to think about and ponder I feel in my gut there is more revelation to this that will come.


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