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“There’s a word, and the word is now, and it’s right for me” 
Time and a Word
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I heard Rick Wakeman say “I have seen John Anderson have very real spiritual revelation at times”. Ive also heard Yahweh say “In the latter days I will pour out my Spirit on ALL flesh”. Ive also heard Kevin Prosch say “God is speaking through the music” (even thought it sounds like “drinking beer in Munich”. .

When Judah came out of Babylon, it seems that from that point forward, the use of Hebrew in common life of the southern tribes (Judah and Benjamin, a.k.a. “The Jews”) had evaporated. The common language spoken and used everyday was Aramaic, with Hebrew being used only in study and research of Torah and Temple worship. I doubt this is true comprehensively, but it seems that most people studying Jewish post exile history up and through the start of the common era (CE/AD or (gasp!) during and after Christ) seem to say the same thing.

Torah was read in the synagogues every Sabbath (just like Im reading it right now!), and people couldnt understand it in Hebrew generally. So translations were made and used so that all Jewish people could hear the Torah and the Nevi’im (Prophets) and understand.

The interesting thing was, there are many, many places in scripture where there is either an anthropomorphic reference to Yahweh, or even a duality presented. This is. or could be, a MAJOR problem for a Jew to understand, yet it IS IN TORAH. We arent talking about Elohim here, we are talking about two different Yahwehs int he same passage, or Yahweh being clearly described as interacting with humanity directly.

Apparently, this wasn’t the issue we think it would be. Jewish thought easily had room for this, and it wasnt until shortly after Yeshua/Christ that the rabbis began to attack the concept entirely to remove it from Jewish theology as “pagan”, and therefore an abomination. Studying this and pondering it should give you some clue as to how profound this idea is, and how radical the implications are for a messianic figure to be in human form, yet have been pre-existent.

These are a bunch of links Ive read and re-read, trying to get my head around this. As I look for Messiah in Torah, and I try to understand where someones head was at in the time of Yeshuas life and after, these have opened up radical imagination, and have honestly edified and encouraged me. Many stories and verse change their whole application to me when viewed through this lens. From creation, to Jacob wrestling, to Sodom and Gomorrah, to Abraham, to Joshua, to the prophets… a real anothropomorphic agent of Yahweh was  ALREADY THERE. And this wasnt a foreign idea to Jews at all. The implications of what this means in the everyday experience of a 1st century Jew being confronted with the person of Yeshua/Christ is far different than the images I have had in my head for years.


Moses and Memra

The Memra

The Logos/Memra of the Lord Gospel of the Memra (2001).pdf

I also recommend watching the presentations from Michael Haiser. I went through this and wrote each of his verse references down and have been studying them. It turns out there are tons of these scenarios.


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